The Melodrones 1300 Adam Young ADRIAAAN All Our Exes Live In Texas Anastasia Kristensen (DNK) Andy Clockwise Anieszka Anoxia Apocalypse Boyo Asaiah Riley Asura Asterix Awa Mbaye Babitha Baby Beef Barkaa Ben Leece Betty Betty Grumble Best Friends Big Skeez Bisoux Black Panther Bliss. Blurter bonetwister Bored Shorts Budjerah Burden Man Bustlip Caitlin Harnett & The Pony Boys Caitlin Medcalf Carolina Gasolina Charlie Villas Chillaum Chimers Chincy Jones Cinta DJ Clypso C.O.F.F.I.N Cold / Heat Concrete Lawn Conor O’Donoghue Crocodylus Dameeeela Dante Knows & The Trouble Dead Witch Deepa b2b Rakish Diva Cups Drac Hammond Dominic Breen EJ Worland Elli Acula Enclave Ess-em Foreigndub with Rayjah45 Fripps & Fripps Gauci Gen Fricker Georgia June Ghostgums Girly Gloomie Good Pash Goldfish Smarts Green Screen Grinding Eyes Half Queen (NZ) Harvey Sutherland Hayley Mary Hober Mallow Holly Go Lightly Horrorshow Iain T. McKelvey & The Midnight Tangos Isaac Puerile I Oh You DJs Jay Katz & Miss Death Jazmine Nikkita Jeremy Santos Jesse Redwing Jet City Sports Club Johnny Hunter Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse Josh Beagley Jupiter 5 K. Walsh Katie Brianna Kilimi King O.P.P King Stingray King St Blues KIT Kobi Spice Korky Buchek Kris Gale Kyoshi Lady Fur Lady Lyon Lawine Lazywax LCY (UK) Lincolns Gold Lip Gloss Little Napier Liyah Knight Lora Keet Lorcan Power Los Monaros Los Monaros Mac The Knife Madam3Empress Magic Nic & The General Electric Maxine Baker Marlena Dali Megafauna Micra Midnight Tea Party Mike Who Millie Sykes Minnie Cooper Moody Beach Ms. Thandi Mulalo Mynx Moscato Nardean Nerve Nick Toth- Mikey Glamour Nina Las Vegas Noodle House Nooky No Halo Ona Mota Operation Ibis Organs Pallet Pan Pacific Grand Prix Party Dozen PEEL Peter Black Private Function Private Wives Queen Bee DJs Rak3z Raising Ravens River Dreams Riz Roots Odyssey Rubber Necker Rydeen Salarymen Scabz Second Idol Setwun Sevy Side Projects Sophisticated Dingo Sophiya Spacehorse Space Buoys Spectral Gates SPEED Sputnik Sweetheart Stamp Out Disco DJs Stella Donnelly Stephen Ferris Stryka D Suburban Bukowskis Supahoney Svntax Error Sweetie Teenage Dads Terrificus The B.A.C.K UPs The Bottlers The Buoys The Cloud Surfers The Doe and The Scapegoat The Escapes The Holy Soul The Inner West Reggae Disco Crew The Laurels The Men from UNCLE The Lenores The Minties The Morrisons The Oogars The Owen Guns The Regime The Shout Brothers The Sugarland Express The Uplifting Bell Ends Third Eye Stimuli DJs Tiarnie Tina Bikki Tommy Gun Tora Hymen TOWNS Tropical Fuck Storm Tseba Tuff Tone Sound System Tuppaware Party Twiggy Stix Two Timin’ Playboys Tyra Bankstown Ultracrush Until Further Notice Utility Vetty Vials Vetta Borne Victa + the King St Horns Young Franco Zenith Paltrow and The Heratics

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